Posted: 17/5/2017

Team Photos Schedule

Team photos are coming up over the next few weeks.

Please check the schedule below to see when your team is booked in.

Players must wear full uniform on the night.

Auskick photos will be at 8am on the 18th of June.

Time Friday, 2nd June Tuesday, 20th June Wednesday, 21st June
5:15pm U12 Fraser
5:35pm U9 Nippers U9 Crawford
5:55pm U10 Stone U16/17 Garroway
6:15pm U10 Murrell U13 Madden U9 Stubbs
6:35pm U11 Frost U18 Giltinan U15 Mack
6:55pm U11 McLeod U12 Pulo U15 Dimery
7:15pm U12 Baker U15 Mudge