The Baulkham Hills Australian Football club was formed in 1976, following the initiative of local residents that were involved at the Pennant Hills Australian Football Club. The Pennant Hills club showed great support in the early days of our club including allowing us the use of their oval to play games through until 1981. Their support in assisting the Baulkham Hills Australian Football Club in our foundation period remains truly appreciated today and both clubs continue to share a friendly competitive rivalry that is highlighted by the BACK TO BAULKO DAY when the East Coast Eagles (formally Baulkham Hills Seniors) play Pennant Hills wearing the current Baulkham Hills playing strip.

1976 saw the Baulkham Hills Club start with just 3 teams under 11, 13 & 15 age groups, but significantly the successful tradition of Baulko that we continue to enjoy today started that very first year with the under 13 team winning the clubs first premiership. Now 35 years on Baulkham Hills AFC fields 12 to 14 junior age teams each season plus an Auskick program for 5 – 8 year olds with a membership of around 300 players.

Significantly the Baulkham Hills AFC has consistently placed 2 teams per age group since the early 1980’s an unrivalled feat in Sydney AFL football and a fact our club is very proud of and strives to continue year in year out setting the benchmark we hope other junior AFL football clubs in Sydney will strive to achieve.

We have indeed continued to remain successful winning many premierships over the 35 years including 21 since we returned to being a junior football club in 2002 rivalling the success for our club in the mid 1980’s when over 5 years Baulkham Hills teams also won greater than 15 premierships, this significant achievement continues to rank us as a highly competitive AFL club within the Sydney North region and the club of choice in our local area.

During the past 42 years the Baulkham Hills club that started as a junior football club 1976 and evolved into both a junior and senior football club in 1989, once again returned to a junior football club in 2002, when the senior club was formed into the East Coast Eagles that play in Sydney’s premier AFL football competition. Both the Baulkham Hills and East Coast Eagles clubs continue to share a close relationship and this is typified by the annual BACK TO BAULKO DAY when The East Coast Eagles play our traditional hills district rivals the Pennant Hills Demons wearing the current Baulkham Hills AFC Strip with pride.

Our Current home at Charles McLaughlin Oval in the Baulkham Hills Crestwood area was established in 1987 and after several years of insecurity and having to play and train at various locations finally provided the club with its home. For the past 32 years Charlie as we affectionately refer to our home ground has served the club and our members well, entrenching itself as the home of the Falcons (Hawks from 2009) and providing a well maintained facility for the youth of our community to enjoy playing and developing their skills of our wonderful game.

Our aim today some 42 years since our formation is to continue to build on the solid foundations those that have come before us have laid and ensure the revered traditions of our proud club remain strong. In addition we continue to strive to leave for those that will follow us a stronger foundation to allow them to continue making the Baulkham Hills Australian Football Club an environment that will provide the youth of our region a club that provides them with a truly enjoyable AFL football experience over the years the play for our club that we trust will continue long into the future.

Baulko Premierships


  • Under 13 Hayman
  • Under 12 Youth Girls Pulo


  • Under 16 Youth Girls Mack
  • Under 14 Youth Girls Glover
  • Under 11 Div 1


  • Under 14 Youth Girls Glover
  • Under 12 Youth Girls Pulo.
  • Under 11 Div 1


  • Under 15 Youth Girls Mack
  • Under 14 Div 1 Abercrombie
  • Under 13 Youth Girls  Glover Div 1


  • Under 15 Mudge
  • Under 12 Div 1


  • Under 12 Div 3


  • Under 14 Div 3


  • Under 14 Div 2


  • Under 13 Div 2
  • Under 14 Div 1
  • Under 15/16 Div 1


  • Under 13 Div 1


  • Under 11


  • Under 10
  • Under 11
  • Under 14 Div 1


  • Under 9 Maroon
  • Under 10 Gold
  • Under 11 Gold
  • Under 14
  • Under 16


  • Under 9 Gold
  • Under 10 Gold
  • Under 13


  • Under 9 Gold
  • Under 12
  • Under 16